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The North West province is an inland province which lies west of Gauteng and extends to the Botswana border. This summer rainfall area, which borders the Kalahari Desert and the beautiful Magaliesberg mountain range, is a major producer of maize and sunflower seeds as well as many other agricultural products.

It is rich with archaeological finds and is the site of the origins of humankind. Two Unesco World Heritage sights are located here, at Vredefort Dome , where a meteorite hit the earth about 2 million years ago and Taung, where the discovery by an archaeologist of a skull in 1924 is regarded as one of the most significant of all time.

This area is one of South Africa’s top malaria free wildlife destinations with abundant wildlife. Adventure experiences include hot air ballooning, abseiling, hiking trails, cruises and water sports on the Hartbeespoort Dam. The Pilansberg National Park, the 4th largest park in South Africa lies on the site of an extinct volcano with more than 7000 animals including lions and elephants. Sun City with it’s 2 golf courses and the Lost City’s fairytale like hotel and water world wonderland is worth a visit.

Flintbeck Farm

Flintbeck is a family run fully operational cattle and game farm nestled in the valley of the ancient Magaliesberg mountain.