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Mpumalanga, the Zulu name for where the sun rises, is a province in North – Eastern South Africa bordering Mozambique and Swaziland.

Mpumalanga is popular with tourists. Incredible scenery, mountain landscapes, sweeping rivers, waterfalls, misty valleys and the lowveld’s myriad game parks make the province a popular choice. Many activities include the big swing/bungee jumping, mountain and quad biking, horse trails, river rafting amongst others.

The diverse and special flora and fauna of the province enjoys protection in a range of nature reserves, including Kruger National Park, established in 1898 for the protection of lowveld wildlife, which is a popular destination. The other major tourist attractions include the Sudwala Caves, the oldest caves on earth and the Blyde River Canyon, among the world’s largest and which is known as a green canyon because of it’s subtropical foliage.

The climatic contrasts between the drier Highveld region, with it’s cold winters and the hot, humid Lowveld, allow for a variety of agricultural activities. Crops include maize, wheat, sorghum, barley, sunflower seed, soybeans, macadamia’s, groundnuts, sugar cane, vegetables, coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, citrus, subtropical and deciduous fruits. Natural grazing covers approximately 14% of Mpumalanga and the main products are beef, mutton, wool, poultry and dairy there.

Extensive mining is done and the minerals found include gold and platinum. Mpumalanga accounts for 83% of South Africa’s coal production.

Buhle Farmers' Academy

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Verlorenkloof started off as a dairy farm and has grown to also offer accommodation.

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