Foxenburg Estate has been recognized as a priority biodiversity site in the Cape Floristic region and has become a committed partner with Cape Nature in their stewardship progamme and have an established nature reserve on a large part of the farm.


The farm is also a member of the Renosterveld conservancy which is part of the largest remaining intact piece of Renosterveld left in the Western Cape region.

On the farm we tend to a herd of Swiss Saanen and British Alpine goats for the production of premium quality artisanal goat milk cheeses and yoghurts. Standing proud on the mountain slopes are the organically grown olive groves which produce our certified organic extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

Anyone interested in the beauty of nature and animals will find Foxenburg Estate a very peaceful haven. Birders and hikers are able to explore the flora and fauna on the mountain reserve trail. For the avid fishermen we have `catch and release’ fishing from our two dams. Children can interact with the goats. For the avid food enthusiast the interest lies in discovering the source of artisanal goat cheese production and extra virgin olive oil production.

Self catering cottages available for overnight, weekend or holiday stays.
Farm products sales by appointment.
Hand crafted artisanal goat milk cheeses and yoghurts
Certified organic extra virgin olive oil.
Certified organic table olives





Farm Visit Review

Farm: Foxenburg Estate Date of visit: 19 - 22 Oct 2018
Aspect Notes
        Accommodation Five self-catering cottages, all well furnished with neat and tidy interiors. Not luxurious, but all the necessary are present. Eskom electricity. Variable cell phone signal. No TV. Built-in fireplace. Weberbraai for outside use. Nice lawns and ample space surrounding the cottages.
        Safety Secure entrance gate to farm can be locked. No roads through farm which is situated in a mountainous area with game fencing on surrounding farms. Owners and most of the labourers stay on the farm close to the guest houses. Feel very safe on farm.
        Leisure activities Bass fishing in two dams. Hiking in the nature reserve on the slopes of Groenberg mountain. Birding. Mountain biking in the area surrounding the farm.
        Farm activities Guests can view the goats being milked in the dairy. Children can bottle feed tame goat kids (Aug to end Oct). Olive picking and pruning during season. Access into cheese production facility is restricted due to health and food safety regulations. On special request an organized visit can be arranged.
        Value for money Rates are based on persons per night. Discounts for children 10 years and under are available. For the opportunity to stay and experience a working goat milk dairy and olive farm relatively close to Cape Town, Foxenburg Estate offers fair value.
Visited and Noted by: Johan Rothmann