The revival of Riel dance in and around Wupperthal is a community initiative close to the heart of Bushmans Kloof and Floris Smith. ‘Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers’ riel dance troupe was born in 2012 when Floris Smith made one of his frequent visits to the nearby village of Wupperthal, reaching out to the youth by starting a riel dance project supported by Bushmans Kloof.


An ex-professional dancer, he was blown away by their energetic performance and frantic footwork, and set about offering his assistance to choreograph and train them. With the support of musicians that are well known within the community, Bertie Zass, Adam Kotze and Efraum Kotze, contributed hugely to the success of the project, and, in training young and upcoming Riel Musicians.

The name of the troupe is an acronym for the names of some of the villages that the children come from: Nuwe Plaas, Grasvlei, Koueberg, Suurrug and Agterste Vlei.

Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers have been trailblazing their way across the Riel dance scene. The troupe made their debut with much success at the annual Riel Dance Championship Final in December 2013, where Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers became the ATKV Junior Riel Dance Champions 2013.

From humble beginnings in the remote, impoverished village of Wupperthal, the phenomenal ‘Trappers’ have taken the Riel dance scene by storm, winning award after award.