Unemployment is extremely high in our country and the rural areas are hardest hit. Agriculture is one of the few sectors that offers the opportunity for job creation in these areas. Buhle presents a solution for those new farmers who have access to land, but not the skills and experience they need to farm it.

Buhle’s mission is to fulfil this need, by providing new and developing farmers with the training and post-training support that they require. This
enables them to create livelihoods for themselves, jobs for others on their farms, and also help to ensure food security in the rural areas.

Our ultimate mission, of course, is to help alleviate poverty by developing and implementing best practice in our own sector, agriculture.

Buhle offers courses in vegetable, poultry, livestock production, and mixed farming (we also offer short courses on demand). We believe that we have developed best-practice in developing new farmers, in a model that has five essential pillars:

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