Definitions of emerging farmers; subsistence farmers and commercial farmers:

“In subsistence agriculture, small-scale farming is primarily grown for consumption by the farmer and their family. Sometimes if there is a surplus of food it might be sold, but that is not common. In commercial agriculture, the primary objective is to make a profit.”

“The emerging farmer sector is made up of new farmers created by government land reform programmes or existing smallholder subsistence farmers who are attempting to make a transition to commercially based agriculture.”

What are the biggest obstacles emerging farmers face in becoming commercial farmers?

Lack of skill, lack of technical knowhow, lack of finances, lack of access to markets, lack of risk management and difficulty in gaining access to more land to grow.

Agritourism South Africa NPO 175-957 supports emerging farmers by providing skills and training in Agritourism.
The Agritourism environment needs to be cultivated through liaison and cooperation with key stakeholders within the business environment, tourism bodies and government.

Agritourism Africa (Pty) Ltd is a company that markets commercial farmers throughout Africa to national and international tourists.  AA works hard in bringing farmers and the farming experience to visitors, not only to educate visitors about farming, but also to showcase the positive change in farming communities.  AA supports these successes and acts as the link between farmer members and visitors (local and foreign).

AA is not a booking website, its core focus is farmers and farming.  We help commercial farmers identify possible Agritourism activities and services that farmers can offer on their farms, as well as help with building their brand by taking advantage of marketing activities.  Agritourism helps prevent rural out-migration by providing an opportunity for commercial farmers to improve the quality of life for their farm workers.
AA operates throughout Africa and liaises with tourism and agricultural government departments to ensure there is sufficient support for Agritourism initiatives.

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