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Agritourism Research

Agritourism Research gives us the opportunity to contribute towards both human and environmental health in order to achieve sustainability in rural areas.

The purpose of the Research Articles is to analyse the Agritourism environment in order to forecast specific indicators and highlight future trends within the development of Agritourism on farms. Farmers will find this information relevant to assisting them in making decisions regarding capitalization on their farms.

Professor Neels van Heerden supports the Agritourism South Africa team by conducting research in Agritourism, thereby assisting in the innovation of Agritourism products and services. The Professor will be engaging with Stakeholders and Communities that have an interest in Agritourism. His Research has focused on sports, leisure and tourism marketing. Professor van Heerden has contributed to more than 150 Scientific Journal Papers, Conference Proceedings and Chapters in Academic Text Books.

Available Articles

Agritourism Routes: Shaping Sustainability